TL;DR - Because you have a short attention span

This is a card matching game. If you've played Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Joking Hazard, What do you Meme or any other card matching games then you'll understand just how PHLIP is played

PHLIP is a Play 2 Earn game - no cost to play. Just connect your wallet and play for rewards

For the apes, PHLIP players can use their Play 2 Earn Tokens to earn DAO tokens in high rewards games

The game is user generated and owned by the NFT and DAO Token Holders; NFT Holders earn a portion of all rewards generated from the game

Two styles of gameplay

Game play works like other card matching games where the dealer draws a card and the player plays the best match in their hand


Witty or Crass Text


Meme or Photo

Judge rotates each hand

The judge selects what they think is the best matching card


No previous experience in crypto required

Play via your browser without a wallet

With Magic just use an email address, thumbprint, or social auth to get started. Pros can still use a dapp browser and wallet

Built for ease of use, anyone can play

All you need to do to get started is create an account. No separate crypto wallet required- we offer a built in wallet within your account

Dip your toes into crypto without buying any

PHLIP is a play 2 earn platform. Just create an account and start earning play 2 earn tokens by using your wit. NFTs not required

Bring your friends

PHLIP was designed for social interactions, viral growth, and gamification

Bring your own team from Telegram, Discord, or Crypto Twitter to compete for top ranking advertisement placements in the game or compete at an individual level for bragging rights amongst your friends

Create your own private room, invite your friends to play, and compete for play to earn or farming rewards

Make your game more interactive with voice or chat to talk smack with your peers


NFT and PHLIP DAO token holders own the game

This game is 100% user generated. DAO token holders can "Mint" NFTs both during the initial mint process in-game during new blood minting rounds. The DAO governs the quality of the cards during gameplay and can remove cards through interactive voting


Pink cards are rewarded every hand

Reward shares cascade 4% of winnings going to the NFT holder of the card played. 3% to the current card owner and 1% to the original card minter. During the initial PHLIP mint there will be 625 Text and 625 Image cards available for minting

White cards get rewards too

White cards won’t win all the time. However, when they do, 4% of winnings go to the NFT holder of the card played, 3% to the current owner and 1% to the original minter.

We are using the ERC 721 NFT standard and all win data is stored on the card. High quality white cards should earn more and thus should be worth more on NFT Marketplaces. During the initial PHLIP mint there will be 10,000 white cards available for minting


15% distributed to the rewards pool, 85% to the player

Two styles of game rewards

  • Play-2-Earn rewards are PHLIP P2E Tokens distributed via the DAO treasury
  • Play-2-Farm rewards are earned by locking in your PHLIP P2E Tokens for each game against PHLIP DAO Tokens in our farming liquidity pools. The winner of each game gets the PHLIP DAO tokens

Benefits of owning a PHLIP NFT and PHLIP DAO tokens

Rewards powered by DeFi

1-4% of DAO game rewards are for NFT minters and holders. DAO token holders earn farming rewards for holding the token as the game grows

Priority for future minting

The PHLIP NFT matching game is just the beginning. Future user generated games will be part of the evolving PHLIP ecosystem

Decide on the future of the game

PHLIP DAO token holders decide which cards stay in the deck and vote on the future direction of the PHLIP platform and gameplay


Total PHLIP DAO Token Supply: 57,220,041,667

  • Presale NFT Minters will receive PHLIP DAO Tokens in a vesting NFT locker
  • Each NFT will release 1/24th per month over a 2 year period after mint
  • Team, advisors and consultants will vest similarly


Product ideation complete
Product business case complete
Product design complete
Web 3 Architecture complete
Development started
Discord Game Demo 
Mint Presale website complete
Web2 Alpha Game w/ Web3 Auth
Minting event
Beta Testing on Polygon Mumbai TestNet (NFT & DAO Token holders only)
V1 Testing on Polygon Mumbai TestNet (open to bug bounty participants for P2E Rewards)
Bug Bounty PHLIP P2E & PHLIP DAO Token Airdrop

Deploy Farming Liquidity Pools via Accel DeFi on Polygon MainNet
Deploy to Polygon MainNet
Simultaneous PHLIP P2E and PHLIP DAO token IEO & IDO
Feedback Updates to V1 on Polygon MainNet
  • Game deploy to other EVM Networks (TBD candidates: Fantom, Avalanche, Harmony)